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Foundation Certificates

A foundation certificate (also known as a foundation cert, or an engineering cert) is a certification of a manufactured home's foundation by a licensed structural engineer.  This entails an engineer walking the perimeter of your home and certifying that the foundation meets HUD's safety standards.  Generally, at a minimum that requires the axles and tongue be removed, the home to rest on blocks or pillars, and skirting to be in place around the perimeter of the home.  The cost for this usually ranges in the $300-$500 area and is typically invoiced into the transaction.  A foundation cert is required on all FHA mortgages (with the exception of streamlines).  The only time it is required on conforming or VA loans is if there is a major structural addition to the home or if the appraiser notes some sort of concern regarding the structure or foundation of the home.  On FHA loans and on VA loans when a foundation cert is required, tie downs are required.  For conforming loans that need a foundation cert, tie downs are not required unless local building code requires them.  In the event tie downs need to be installed, the cost for this can be invoiced into the transaction on most refinances. 

In the event we need to have a foundation certificate completed for you and/or tie downs installed, we have contacts for engineers and contractors across Oregon and Washington to provide these services.

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